General Terms and Conditions 

Please review the estimate provided by us for additional terms and conditions related to the specific services performed.

Aerial photographic services are based on the amount of time on site (labour) and editing. This includes set up, planning, safety review, drone operation and digital transfer.

  1. Customer agrees to assist and cooperate with UAV Operator in obtaining the desired photographs and video, including but not limited to specifying persons and or scenes to be photographed; taking time to pose for photographers at the UAV Operator’s direction; pre-shoot consultations if required may be subject to additional costs.

  2. The UAV Operator shall not be responsible for photographs not taken as a result of the Customer’s failure to provide reasonable assistance and cooperation. Customer agrees work performed is on a best efforts basis in the capture images and video.

  3. Upon UAV Operator review of the Aerial Photography plan, UAV Operator may request changes if it is determined that the photography could impair the operation or safety of the equipment or persons; or violate local, state or federal statutes (including privacy).

  4. Photographs and/or video will be made available to the Customer on USB/DVD or made available to the customer online and available for download in a two business days time frame. Customer has unlimited, but non-exclusive rights, to use or reproduce photographs and may print or use media any way they see fit.

  5. Payment of 50% is due at the time of booking, you may cancel anytime up 2 days before the event and obtain a full refund, should you cancel after the 2 days prior the event (inclement weather excluded), you agree to pay a cancellation fee equal to $250.00, any balance above this amount will be refunded to you.

  6. ProUAV Australia retains copyright in the photographs and hereby grants the Customer unlimited but non-exclusive use to reproduce the edited photographs and video. (We own the images, you own edited files and USB/CD we give you.)

  7. Equipment can malfunction or become damaged. In the event the issues with preflight checks, equipment related malfunctions or otherwise damaged at the time of the aerial photography, the Customers agrees its only recourse is to cancel or reschedule at no cost to the Customer.

  8. Customer agrees that ProUAV Australia may request rescheduling of aerial photography in the event of inclement weather including high wind conditions. On the day of the event if inclement weather, the UAV Operator will contact you in advance. If upon arriving at the site it is determined that weather is beyond the drone operation parameters the UAV Operator may reschedule.

  9. Travel charges may apply for travel more than 100 kilometers from the UAV Operators primary location (Canberra, ACT or Sydney International Airport NSW) and will be included in the estimate when it is provided to you.