Low level aerial photography can be used for inspections, progress reports and documentation purposes. UAV technology is cost effective for all these uses. 



    Aerial photographic mapping of crops is used to increase the effectiveness of weed control and for early detection of disease. Larger UAVs are now used around the world for crop spraying.  


    Real Estate

    One of the most common uses of UAVs is to provide aerial photography and videos of property for sale. Perfect for online presentations, aerial videos can capture not only an overview of the largest property but unique perspectives of special features from almost any angle. 



    Aerial photography is very effective for use in films to give a unique perspective. Some sporting events can also use UAV technology to capture stunning visuals providing safety protocols are implemented. 

  • arboretum


    Photogrammetry (Mapping)

    UAVs can be used to photograph large areas or to document sites that are difficult to access. Some UAVs can fly for hours at a time allowing them to map large areas. 

2021/2022 News

We are now concentrating on Research and Development projects, primarily with Canberra UAV. This includes more testing of VTOL fixed wing UAVs and working with Uncrewed Sea Vehicles (USV). 

With the number of Certified Operators growing from 72 to over 2,200 in just six years along with many companies performing UAV work internally, the need for independent operators has reduced. Therefore, ProUAV Australia is no longer available for general aerial imaging work

If you would like to discuss a special project, especially those that are non-profit based, please feel free to contact us.   

ProUAV Australia is a professional aerial photographic service dedicated to collecting the images and data required for your projects
  • Qualified commercial/industrial photographer
  • Certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority
  • Commercially insured
  • Professional airframes and equipment
  • Flying in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory
  • Available throughout Australia and for overseas projects  



We have experience with providing the following aerial services using both mulitrotor and fixed wing remotely piloted aerial systems

  • Orthomosaic and photogrammetry surveys (land analysis)
  • Construction documentation and progress reporting
  • Cinema productions
  • Equipment inspections - towers, bridges etc
  • Search and Rescue research/development
  • Event and Public Relations coverage
  • Real Estate photography
  • Insurance documentation